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UK Government Proposes 10-Year Copyright Infringement Jail Term

Jul 19

An anonymous reader writes: According to a BBC report, the UK government is >proposing increasing the jail term for copyright infringement from the current two years to 10 years, which they say would “act as a significant deterrent.” “The proposed measures are mainly targeted at the distributors of pirated content — the people creating copies of movies, sometimes before release, and uploading them to be downloaded by thousands upon thousands.”
Another reader notes a related court ruling in the UK which has once again made it illegal to rip lawfully-acquired CDs and DVDs for personal use. “A judge ruled that the government was wrong legally when it decided not to introduce a compensation scheme for songwriters, musicians, and other rights holders who face losses as a result of their copyright being infringed.”

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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