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The Man Who’s Kept His Face Off the Internet for 20 Years

Aug 08

An anonymous reader writes: Jonathan Hirshon is a 48-year-old Silicon Valley PR guy. He was an adult when the internet went mainstream, and he went online with a unique bit of forethought: “I decided to play a game with myself: How long could I keep my picture off the Internet.” He’s managed to keep the internet free of his image for two decades, and he’s expanding the game. Hirshon is rallying the troops to outsmart Facebook and Google facial recognition. He asked his friends, “If you’re so inclined, take a moment and tag me in some random picture or image. A leaf on the wind, a howler monkey, geometry equations, George Clooney, a large steaming pile of excrement—select an image that you think best suits me or [is] based solely on your whim.”

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