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Scientists Develop Electronic Skin Sensors For Controlling Mobile Devices

Aug 11

MojoKid writes: Wearables seem to be the “Next big thing” when it comes to consumer electronics devices. But while most current devices put a new tech-infused spin on an old idea like a wristwatch, researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Saarland University and Carnegie Mellon University are developing a different type of wearable that actually sticks to your skin. Dubbed iSkin, the silicone rubber-based product is loaded with pressure-sensitive sensors, can made into limitless sizes/shapes and safely adheres to your body. For example, iSkin can be stuck to your forearm, wrapped around your finger, or even attached to your ear. What makes iSkin interesting is that it can be used for “fast and direct control of mobile devices using touch input even when the hands are busy.” The researchers see iSkin being used to control smartphone and smartwatch functions like a stopwatch during sports activities, adjusting music playback and volume, and answering phone calls.

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