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One Petabyte of Data Exposed Via Insecure Big Data Systems

Aug 16

chicksdaddy writes: Behind every big data deployment is a range of supporting technologies like databases and memory caching systems that are used to store and analyze massive data sets at lightning speeds. A new report from security research firm Binaryedge suggests that many of the organizations using these powerful data storage and analysis tools are not taking adequate steps to secure them. The result is that more than a petabyte of stored data is accessible to anyone online with the knowledge of where and how to look for it. In a blog post on Thursday, the firm reported the results of research that found close to 200,000 such systems that were publicly addressable. Binaryedge said it found 39,000 MongoDB servers that were publicly addressable and that “didn’t have any type of authentication.” In all, the exposed MongoDB systems contained more than 600 terabytes of data stored in databases with names like “local,” “admin,” and “db.” Other platforms that were found to be publicly addressable and unsecured included the open source Redis key-value cache and store technology (35,000 publicly addressable instances holding 13TB of data) and 9,000 instances of ElasticSearch, a commonly used search engine based on Lucene, that exposed another 531 terabytes of data.

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