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New IP Address Blacklist Based On Web Chatter

Aug 14

itwbennett writes: A new approach to assembling blacklists analyzes chatter on the dark and open Web and can find malicious IP addresses that would have been missed using honeypots and intrusion detection systems, according to a report by security startup Recorded Future. On traditional blacklists, 99 percent of the addresses are for inbound activity, ‘when someone is attacking your system from an external address,’ said Staffan Truvé, chief scientist and co-founder at Recorded Future. On Recorded Future’s new list, half of the addresses are for outbound activity, ‘when an intruder is already in your systems, and is trying to connect to the outside world to exfiltrate data,’ said Truvé. For example, Recorded Future identified 476 IP addresses associated with both the Dyreza and the Upatre malware families — only 41 of which were known to existing blacklists.

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