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How Uber Is Changing Life For Women In Saudi Arabia

Aug 11

An anonymous reader writes: Being unable to legally drive is hard for many women in Saudi Arabia, especially working women. With notoriously poor mass transit options, and the stigma attached to women riding the bus alone, Uber has changed the life of many Saudi women by giving them greater mobility and independence. While there are no official statistics on how many women use the service, anecdotal evidence suggest that 70% to 90% of Saudi riders are women. “A lot of them, I would say, are young women,” says Saudi Arabia general manager Majed Abukhater. “We have some data to show that these women are starting to rely on Uber a lot more for their daily commutes; the proportion of trips that we see in Saudi during the weekday is actually very high relative to other locations. That’s just kind of one indicator to tell us that women are really starting to rely on Uber for their daily commutes to work, or to school, or to university.”

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