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Hackers Publish Cheating Site’s Stolen Data

Aug 19

pdclarry notes that many news outlets are reporting that 9.7 GB of data stolen from cheating website has been published online. “The dump contains files with titles including ‘aminno_member_dump.gz,’ ‘aminno_member_email.dump.gz,’ ‘CreditCardTransactions7z,’ and ‘member_details.dump.gz,’ an indication that the download could contain highly personal details.” Brian Krebs questioned the way this has been reported without confirmation, but added that he’s been contacted by several people who found their own accurate details within the data dump. Many of the reports note this detail: “Assuming the download turns out to be authentic, people should remember that it was possible for anyone to create an account using the name and e-mail address of other individuals.”

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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