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BitTorrent To RIAA: You’re ‘Barking Up the Wrong Tree’

Aug 08

An anonymous reader writes: The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) sent a letter to BitTorrent last week asking the company to help stop copyright infringement of its members’ content. Brad Buckles, RIAA’s executive vice president of anti-piracy, asked BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker to “live up to” comments made by former chief content officer Matt Mason. Two quotes by Mason stand out in particular: “We don’t endorse piracy,” and “If you’re using BitTorrent for piracy, then you’re doing it wrong.” Both of these remain accurate, but the RIAA wants to see BitTorrent do more. VentureBeat contacted BitTorrent to get their stance on the letter, and the company said, “Our position is that they are barking up the wrong tree, as it seems they were with their approach to CBS last week. … We do not host, promote, or facilitate copyright infringing content and the protocol, which is in the public domain, is a legal technology.”.

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