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Ask Slashdot: Capacity Planning and Performance Management?

Aug 11

An anonymous reader writes: When shops mostly ran on mainframes, it was relatively easy to do capacity planning because systems and programs were mostly monolithic. But today is very different; we use a plethora of technologies and systems are more distributed. Many applications are decentralized, running on multiple servers either for redundancy or because of multi-tiering architecture. Some companies run legacy systems alongside bleeding-edge technologies. We’re also seeing many innovations in storage, like compression, deduplication, clones, snapshots, etc. Today, with many projects, the complexity make it pretty difficult to foresee resource usage. This makes it hard to budget for hardware that can fulfill capacity and performance requirements in the long term. It’s even tougher when the project is still in the planning stages. My question: how do you do capacity planning and performance management for such decentralized systems with diverse technologies? Who is responsible for capacity planning in your company? Are you mostly reactive in adding resources (CPU, memory, IO, storage, etc) or are you able to plan it out well beforehand?

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