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Ask Slashdot: Are There Any Open and Affordable IPCams?

Jul 23

New submitter criticalmess writes: I’m about to give up on any decent hardware to be found to roll my own web-based camera setup around the house and office — and thought that the nerds and experts at /. would be my last resource I could pull out. Having bought multiple IPCamera (DLink, Abus, Axis, Foscam, TP-Link, …) and always getting the ‘requires DirectX’ treatment, I’m wondering if there are any open and affordable IPCams out there? I’ve been looking at BlueCherry and their kickstarter campaign to create a complete opensource hardware solution, I’ve been looking at Zavio as they seem to offer the streams in an open enough format while not breaking the bank on the hardware. Anything else I should be looking at? I can’t for the love of it understand why most of these hardware companies require you to run DirectX — anybody care to enlighten the crowd? Should be simple enough really: hardware captures images, a small embedded webserver transforms this into an RTSP stream or HTTP stream, maybe on h264 or similar — done.

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