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Posts from May, 2008

New look Mazda3

May 22

The all-new Mazda3 test mule was caught in olive camouflage on public road.
The new look Mazda3 is taking styling cues from its sporty big sister, the Mazda6. The swooping projector headlamps, angled tail lights and stumpy rear end all ape the bigger Mazda’s look. Mazda3 is a similar story inside too, with features such as heated seats, multi-function steering wheel and a hard drive for mp3 files filtering down from the Mazda6.

The Mazda3 hatch developed on the Ford Focus platform. And it’s undergone a mechanical makeover too, gaining an extra cog and more powerful engines, meaning a six-speed box mated to 2.0-litre and 2.5-litre direct injection engine.

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2009 Jaguar XF-R

May 22

Meet the 2009 Jaguar XF-R. If you’re looking at the rear of the XF-R, you’ll be following a subtle lip spoiler on the bootlid, chunky quad pipes and we’d guess lurking under that white plastic disguise is a discrete diffuser. There is also a new design of alloy wheel reserved just for R models. Even standard cars can be specced with 20-inch wheels, so big rims are a must for the XF-R.

Naturally, there is also a new design of alloy wheel reserved just for R models. Even standard cars can be specced with 20-inch wheels, so big rims are a must for the XF-R

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2009 BMW 7-Series

May 22

2009 BMW 7-Series test mule with light camo

Look at hte image above. Its a BMW 7-Series test mule, which was caught on road testing. 2009 BMW 7-Series mule was captured with minor camouflage thus giving us a preview of their new top-of-the-range luxury sedan.

Despite the camo, it is evident that BMW’s design team went for a more elegant and slightly sport styling with the new 7. Better styling aside, the 2009 7-Series is also expected to go through an extensive diet and along with the new engine line-up that will include BMW’s 306Hp 3.0-liter Turbocharged straight-six and the 408Hp 4.4-liter V8 Turbo, it will also feature significantly improved fuel consumption figures.

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Video: 2009 Subaru Exiga

May 22

Subaru has released the first video of its new 7-seater crossover, called Exiga. We must have to wait a couple of weeks before Subaru reveals a more details on the new crossover/MPV that will go on sale in Japan later in the year. See the video and dream.

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2009 Acura TL

May 22

Look at spy shots of the 2009 Acura TL. Spy shooters snagged this lightly camouflaged Acura TL out testing. Up front, the grille is covered, but the basic shape looks very much like the buck-tooth treatment given to the RL and TSX. The front wheel arches bulge out like the TSX to give the TL a more aggressive stance, and the concave line stretching from the A-pillar to the tail lights has been replaced by a muscular character line expanding from the front arch, helping to further accentuate the sedan’s stance. Out back, a prominent V shape at the bumper and spoiler gives the TL a little more style, while the tail lights wrap to show off the TL’s angles.

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Ferrari F430 with removable hardtop

May 22

What do you see on the spy shot above? I think its a Ferrari F430 with removable hardtop. The hardtop on a F430 is quite funny, it doesn’t match with the car. A F430 is a car you drive on sunny days, just like any other Ferrari. And when it’s bad weather you can always count on your softtop. So a hardtop isn’t really necessary.

It could be a mule for the successor of the F430, but the shape and lines are all the same. This could mean that the successor could have the same size. The F430 has already been on the market for a while and with the introduction of the Gallardo LP560-4 Ferrari has less power than the Lambo. So this could be a mule. But we don’t think it is because why would they drive in a F430 with a hardtop? That will attract a lot of attention.

Another option is that Ferrari has built a hardtop because a lot of customers ask for it. But we don’t think that people want a hardtop on their Spider. But hey.. we can make mistakes! If there is a need for a hardtop, why wouldn’t Ferrari build one?

The last option is a whacky Italian who placed a custom build hardtop on his F. But that isn’t really possible because there is a factory license plate on the car.

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Hyundai’s eight-seater MPV

May 22

Hyundai has been announced its eight-seat MPV model. The Hyundai MPV, called i800, goes on sale on 20 June for $20,000, and as with conventional seven-seat MPVs, features three rows of chairs. But unlike most of its rivals, which have a bench for three people across the middle and space for only two in the third row, the i800 has a pair of benches each with enough room to take a trio of passengers. Sliding rear doors will also ensure easy access to all the back seats.

The i800 is promised to have an 851-litre boot, even with a full complement of occupants. There’s also two-tone cabin trim, privacy glass, a six-speaker audio system and six individually controllable vents to distribute fresh air evenly throughout.

Power is delivered to the rear wheels from a new 2.5-litre turbo-diesel. This is claimed to return 33mpg, while a 75-litre tank gives the MPV a healthy 560-mile range.

From late 2010, the i800 will also feature Hyundai’s new voice-activated Bluetooth communications system. Similar to set-ups used by Ford and Fiat, it will use Microsoft software.

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Ferrari California

May 22

Ferrari released the first official photos of its all-new California GT. Styled by Pininfarina, the California is the Italian firm’s entry-level Grand Tourer, slotting into the range below the 599 Barchetta.

The California is powered by a 4.3-liter V8 engine that features direct fuel injection and a ‘flat’ crankshaft, generating 460 Hp at 7,500 rpm. The V8 which is mounted for the first time in the marque’s history in the mid-front position supplies power to the rear wheels via a seven-speed twin-clutch transmission. Ferrari says that the California starts from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4.0 seconds.

Under its aluminum body, the California hides a new multilink rear suspension system while it is also equipped with the marque’s F1-Trac traction control system which made its debut on the 599 GTB Fiorano along with Brembo brakes featuring carbon-ceramic material discs.

Ferrari’s newest GT model will be officially unveiled at the Paris International Auto Show. Expect the first examples in showrooms in 2009 priced at around $250,000.

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2009 Mercedes-Benz E63

May 22

The disguised test mule of the next Mercedes E-class was caught on road testing.

The new Mercedes-Benz E63 will have a typically sleek outline redolent of its bigger S-class brother. Plus the quad pipes, big wheels, discrete body kit and huge brake discs that denote the E63 AMG sports saloon.

One giveaway to the new E-class’s design is the updated, CLS-style headlamps alluded to under the frontal disguise of this test car, a strong character line down the flanks and a stylized rear wheel arch.

The next-gen E-class will have an E300 Bluetec diesel hybrid emitting just 134g/km of CO2. By linking diesel Bluetec engine to a hybrid system, the greenest E-class should mix performance (413lb ft of twist) with purity (55.4mpg).

The diesel hybrid won’t be a big seller, as it’ll cost more than an E320 CDI (but less than the E500). The new Mercedes-Benz E63 will be unveiled at the 2008 Paris motor show this autumn.

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Mr. T-Wannabe Halves Car with Angle-Grinder to Hack Off Police

May 22

A man has saw his car in half with an angle-grinder in protest at it being clamped outside his home.

Ian Taylor, from Tredworth, Glos, said the untaxed Ford Fiesta was parked on his drive with only part of a rear wheel poking out on to the pavement.

The 40-year-old builder said the vehicle was going to be scrapped anyway, but he wanted to make a point.
A spokesman for NCP Services said half of the car was parked on the road and should therefore have been taxed.
Using a petrol-powered disc cutter, 40-year-old Taylor sawed the Ford Fiesta in half, almost setting it on fire in the process. Both the Fire Brigade and the police were called in, amid reports of a crazed man on the loose with a chainsaw.

Taylor, a builder, was originally going to restore the Fiesta but, realizing it was beyond repair, decided to scrap it. And then the clampers turned up. “We tried to talk to [the parking enforcers],” said 40-year-old Taylor. “I said, ‘you’re not taking it.’ I got my cutter and cut it in half,” he said. “[I’m] happy I got one over on them. They’re jobsworths, for the sake of an inch and a half on the path.”

The clampers saw it differently, however. “We were astonished at the reaction this gentleman had to the fact we put a clamp on his car,” said a spokesman for NCP Services. “It was a remarkable incident which highlighted some of the problems my colleagues face while they’re doing what is a very important job in ensuring that motorists tax their vehicle.”

“And in cutting his car in two,” continued the spokesman, “he managed to put both himself at risk and also a number of bystanders – along with ourselves, the police had to be called and the fire brigade, as he set fire to the car while cutting it in two.”

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